Business Intelligence
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*What is Business Intelligence? Overview and IntroductionThis video explains What is Business Intelligence.
*Evolution of Business IntelligenceThe video explains the history behind the business intelligence and how it evolved from decision support systems and executive information systems.
*Factors Leading to the Creation of Business Intelligence ToolsThe video explains the factors behind the birth of business intelligence tools.
*Business Intelligence Market and ComponentsThis video explains how the business intelligence market is made up and the typical components that are part of a business intelligence software
*Business Intelligence Component - Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)This video explains the ETL process in the context of business intelligence, which includes extract, transform, and load.
*Business Intelligence Component - Querying and ReportingThis video explains the context of querying and report in the context of business intelligence. You will learn the differences between production reports and business reports.
*Business Intelligence Component - Dashboards and ScorecardsThis video provides an overview of dashboards and scorecards in the context of SAP Business Objects (Web Intelligence, Dashboard Design)
*What is SAS?This video explains Statistical Analysis System Overview

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