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*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 1 - What is JavaScript?This video provides an overview of JavaScript language and answer the question "What is JavaScript". It provides comparison with Java, C, and other languages.
*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 2 - A Sample JavaScript ProgramIn this session you will create your first javascript program.
*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 3 - Separate JavaScript File vs Embedded JavaScriptThis video explains the importance of placing JavaScript code in a separate file as oppose to embedding it in the html page.
*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 4 - Performance Considerations for Including JavaScript FileThis video explains performance issues in regards to including JavaScript files into the main program and how to overcome the perceived performance problems.
*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 5 - Declaring and Initializing VariablesThis video explains how to declare and initialize variables.
*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 6 - Manipulating Values in VariablesThis video explains how to manipulate values in variables.
*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 7 - Manipulation of Text ValuesThis video explains the manipulation of text values in JavaScript.
*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 8 - Commenting / Line Comments and Block CommentsThis video explains how to place line comments and block comments in a JavaScript program.
*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 9 - Creating a FunctionThis video explains how to create a function in JavaScript. You will also learn about arguments and parameters.
*JavaScript Training Series - Tutorial 10 - Making Function Return a ValueThis video explains how a JavaScript function return a value.
*Difference Between Java and Javascript This video explains about Difference Between Java and Javascript

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