Selling Futures Options
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This category contains videos that illustrate a successful options selling trading strategy in futures market.

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*Introduction to a Successful Trading StrategyThis video introduces successful options selling strategy in futures market.
*Odds Are in Your FavorThis video explains the ratio of options expiring worthless and options getting exercised.
*Easy Entry and Exit GuidelinesThis video explains why options seller does not have to struggle with difficult decisions related to trade entry and trade exit.
*Time Favors SellersThis video explains the concept of time value and why it favors the options sellers as oppose to buyers.
*No Need To Predict DirectionThis video explains why options seller does not have prediction the direction in which market will be heading.
*Not Affected by Short Term MovementsThis video explains why options seller is not affect by the short term market fluctuations.
*Controlled LossesThis video explains why the risk is limited and controlled for options sellers as oppose to unlimited as the theory suggests.
*DrawbacksThis video focuses on drawbacks attributed to options selling.
*Futures Market vs Stock MarketThis video introduces futures market and explains why options selling works better in futures market as oppose to stock market.
*Return on Investment (ROI)This video explains why return on investment is better when selling options in futures market.
*Commercials vs SpeculatorsThis video explains the difference between commercials and speculators.
*DiversificationThis video explains why futures market is best for diversification
*Goals of the StrategyThis video explains the main goals of the trading strategy
*Choosing the Right MarketThis video explains how to choose the right market for selling futures options.
*Respect the TrendThis video explains why it is important to respect the trend
*Seasonal TendenciesThis video explains how options seller can take advantage of seasonal tendencies in futures market.
*Far Out of the Money StrikesThis video explains why option sellers should select far out of the money options
*Expiry of 2 Months or LongerThe video explains why options sellers should select options that are expiring in two to six months
*Choosing Low DeltasThis video explains why options sellers should choose options having low deltas.
*Know Your Exit Before You EnterThis video explains the exit plan of the options selling strategy.
*Keep 50% AvailableThis video explains the margin concept in futures market and why it is important to keep 50% cash available.
*Diversify Your PortfolioThis video explains why diversification in futures market is important for options seller.
*Public vs ProfessionalsThis video explains how public is fighting with professionals in futures market and how professionals win most of the time.
*ExpectationsThis video explains what to expect from this strategy.

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